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Change the shape of your gums

A bright smile radiates positivity and eases social interactions. Unfortunately, some people find their smile unattractive because they have an excessive or recessive gum line. As a result, it makes them think twice before smiling. People with this problem should not lose hope. At Wildhorse Dental, we have you covered! Dr. Miller can help solve your uneven gums with a gum contouring treatment!

Tooth & Gum Recontouring by wildhorse dental

What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of your teeth and gum line. A gummy smile is often resolved using special tools to remove excessive tissue to reveal more of the tooth’s structure. This procedure can boost the appearance of your smile and it can also decrease your chance of getting gum disease.

Damage caused by periodontal disease can also be repaired with a gum contouring procedure. It can even be used to fix the infection immediately. If the gingival tissue has been affected by trauma or injury, we may also be able to enhance its appearance with the treatment.

What to do after gum contouring

After the procedure your gum tissue may be sensitive for a few days but will heal quickly. In the interim, it’s best to avoid all foods that are sharp or hard, like chips or taco shells. Since your gums might be tender, it is typically best to avoid anything acidic, spicy, or hot until your mouth has healed. We highly recommended for patients to eat soft and cool food in the days following. Such as soups, yogurts, ice cream, pudding, etc.

Although your gums might be a bit sore, it is still important to maintain your oral hygiene. Just be more mindful/gentle when brushing and flossing. We might also recommend an antibiotic mouthwash for a few days to ensure no infection occurs.

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