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Do you need a tooth filling?

Composite fillings – also known as tooth colored fillings – are tooth restorations designed to be indistinct and natural in appearance.They blend well with your natural teeth and are less visible than amalgam fillings which are easier to see by other people. As they are made of ceramic and plastic compounds, composite fillings actually chemically bond to your teeth. 

Used to fill in decayed areas of the teeth, as well as to help repair chipped or broken teeth, most dentists use composite restorations to treat the teeth closest to the front of the mouth as they are easier to notice when a patient smiles. Advancements in dental technology and the composition of composite fillings have made it possible for our Chesterfield, MO dentist, Dr. Miller, to also use tooth-colored fillings on molars, which receive more wear than other teeth.

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Repairing tooth decay with fillings

If a filling needs to be placed, Dr. Miller will first remove the decayed portion of your tooth and clean it thoroughly. The composite resin filling material will be placed on your tooth and will be shaped before it hardens. The shape needs to be just right so your bite will fit together correctly. While it should not be particularly uncomfortable it may take a couple of days to get used to eating on the tooth.

Dr. Miller will provide instructions for caring for the filling to prevent future decay from forming around the filling or in other teeth. With the proper care and attention, dental fillings can last a long time. If a filling becomes damaged, Dr. Miller can repair it or recommend an alternative restoration.

If you have identified areas of tooth decay, or if you are having troubling symptoms characteristic of a cavity, schedule an appointment with Wildhorse Dental in Chesterfield, MO as soon as possible. Contact us today to book a dentist appointment!

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